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disco balls hanging from the ceiling and reflecting the light


Pick Your Party Spot, Camper!

Party Cabana

Capacity - 10 Seated / 12 Reception

Pack your party into our cute and cozy cabanas for daytime drinks or nighttime celebrations.
Boasting incredible views of the Denver Skyline, we can guarantee that you’ll have a damn good time!

The Campground

Capacity - Full Area- 70 Seated/ 85 Reception

Our full drop down patio with access to all of our party cabanas and our large fire pit! Lounge around and enjoy the city views and open air.

Disco Patio

Capacity - 100 Seated / 150 Reception

The patio is the best spot for those who love to be the center of it all. There is plenty of seating for your entire party at our picnic tables and fire pit while a giant disco ball twirls overhead.

Paradise Patio Bar

Capacity - 90 Seated / 120 Reception

Bright and airy by day, sunsets and excitement by night; our patio bar has a little bit of everything. Enjoy bar access on half of our 360 bar, with an open air feel, or make everyone else jealous with a more private vibe. Put the wall down, and turn the party up!

Picnic Terrace

Capacity - 40 Seated / 60 Reception

Enjoy the perfect picnic, without leaving the city! Or the bar… Here there’s no reason to sweat about bad weather, our retractable roof has you covered - literally! This spot is also located near photo ops & a lounge area to create those extra special moments.

Star Bar

Capacity - 70 Seated / 90 Reception

Come sit under hundreds of twinkling lights that will make you feel like you can touch the milky way. Enjoy the view of over 10 TV’s with access to half of our 360 bar and don't forget your photo op with the infamous Happy Camper neon sign!